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Bertram Tung is a particularly grotesque looking Nosferatu elder, living in an abandoned oil tank in Santa Monica.

As one would expect from a Nosferatu, Bertram is intimately knowledgeable in the Kindred sects and clans, additionally giving his own opinions of each. As he is loyal to his clan Bertram is therefore loyal to the Camarilla, despite a slight reluctance.

After the events of the Ankaran Plot and the disappearance of the Hollywood Kindred, the new Prince of LA, Maximillian Strauss, asked Bertram to become the Nosferatu Primogen, a position which he accepted, albeit reluctantly.


As far as is known, Bertram is a skilled computer geek, an infiltration expert, and also very proficient with Potence.

He has had a fierce rivalry with the Baron of Santa Monica, Therese Voerman, for well over a decade; however curiously has been known to have allied with Therese's sister Jeanette on more than one occasion.

They are even rumored to have been in a relationship in the past.