Amethyst was born in 1911 in Baltimore as Clarice Washington. She grew up in extreme poverty and began, at the age of fifteen, to prostitute herself. It was whilst she was walking home one night that she was attacked, waking several hours later with a new thirst. Despite having no Sire, she adapted to this situation, making the best of it.

As a Kindred, she made every effort to win the favor of local Cainites and acquired a lot of status, and enemies, contriving to become the consort of the Prince of Baltimore. After several years she was kidnapped by a group of anarchs who wanted to put pressure on the prince. He refused to give in to their demands and was not interested in Amethyst's fate.

Amethyst then swore to never again put her trust in Princes. She joined the Anarchs and with their help made plans to kill the Prince. They were successful, but the clan elders forced them to flee.

She settled in Denver for a while, then moved arrived in LA in 1945, settling in Santa Ana. She took out the existing Baron and his gang in 1960, and set herself up as the Baron in his stead, where she has remained since.