The damsel of distress by gritti

Damsel is a Brujah and member of the Anarch Movement, based in Downtown L.A.

Not much is known about her past. All that is known is that she had a deep seated hatred for Sebastian LaCroix and the Camarilla, and that her hatred hasn't diminished since the rise and fall of Tara as Prince of Los Angeles and the Praxis declaration of Maximilian Strauss.


Damsel is aggressive and passionate, both trademark Brujah traits. She can come across as annoying to others but she is well respected by some of her fellow Anarchs. Her passion comes across in her hatred for the Camarilla and her faith in Anarch values. She refers to the Camarilla elders with the term "cape", like other Anarchs do. She is not above praising other people, but only after they prove themselves worthy.