Isaac by gritti-d6g0e0k

Isaac Abrams is a Toreador Anarch and the Baron of Hollywood.


Isaac Abrams was a Hollywood producer and film expert, claiming to have worked with names like De Niro, Scorsese, Dean, and his childe, Ash Rivers. He also knew Ginger Swan, an extremely beautiful actress who died in 1954.

While he was the producer of Negative Zero, a film which proved to be incredibly successful because of the performance of Ash, Isaac noticed that his young protege was partying too much with drugs and booze. Unfortunately for Ash, he overdosed one night and forced Isaac to Embrace him in order to keep his artistic flame intact. That would prove to be wrong, because Ash shunned Isaac, hating him for transforming the young man into a vampire. Abrams then gave Ash a club, The Asp Hole, a "shadow of his former glory", in order to keep him happy.

At some point, Isaac became the Baron of Hollywood, having close relations with Anarch Kindred such as Nines Rodriguez and Damsel. After the Camarilla's arrival in Los Angeles, Abrams and Sebastian LaCroix made a non-aggression pact, as long as no Camarilla vampire interferes with the Anarch's business.


Unlike other Anarchs, Isaac is more civil and tolerant, befitting his Toreador blood. He is also very compassionate, as he decided to save Ash's life and then help him cope with his new existence as Kindred, although he was quite unsuccessful. Isaac is very dedicated to the Anarch cause, but he doesn't want war with the Camarilla.

Even though he isn't her sire, Velvet Velour views him as a great person, a patron of the arts and the father she never had. Even though Isaac loathes the presence of the Nosferatu, as do many other Kindred, he is willing to let them live in the Warrens beneath his city, no matter what sect they are part of, as long as they don't interfere with the independence of Hollywood. He is also known to be a traditionalist.