Jeremy MacNeil is one of the most famous Anarchs and co-founder of the Anarch Free States.

Born in Scotland into a clan that had allied with Charles I in the English Civil War, Jeremy MacNeil gained a reputation as a powerful warrior. A traveling Brujah watched his progress and decided to add MacNeil to the ranks of the undead. His mortal clan rejected him after his Embrace, fearing him as a spawn of the devil. MacNeil traveled the United Kingdom, serving as a mercenary, and found himself eventually opposing British rule over Ireland. When he tried to escape the fighting by traveling to the colonies of the New World, he ended up engulfed in the War of Independence, siding with the colonists.

Afterwards, he found himself pushed back into the American West as other Kindred, mainly Ventrue, established their domains in the New World and drove other Kindred away. When the prince of Los Angeles ordered beatings for MacNeil, this led to an outcry of rage that resulted in the Second Anarch Revolt and the formation of the Free States. MacNeil, however, refused any titles, claiming that without artificial laws and hierarchies, a natural resemblance of this would eventually form.

Following the collapse of the Free State and the Kuei-jin invasion, MacNeil went into hiding and has not been seen since.