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When the white man took over what was to become Los Angeles from the peaceful Gabrielinos Indians, significant events were set into motion. When the first kindred Christopher Houghton arrived in 1828, all hell broke loose. However, Houghton began using his power and influence to build the city into its modern form, including developing its fledgling film industry. An exiled Brujah, Jeremy MacNeil, arrived and convinced Houghton to the anarch cause; however, the figurehead Prince Houghton had put into power would not allow it. In 1944, MacNeil finally gathered enough Anarchs to kill the city's elders, including the Prince.

In 1945, the Revolutionary Council drafted the Status Perfectus- the rules by which the Free States were to govern themselves but two short years later, in 1947, the Revolutionary Council dissolved itself. Fifty-three years later, during the summer of 1998, the Kuei-Jin launch the Great Leap Outward on Los Angeles, outright destroying as many Kindred as they could. Some of the surviving Kindred allied with the Cathayans but the majority declared open war, resulting in many deaths on both sides, including Camarilla, Anarchs and Sabbat. However, the Anarchs held their own for the most part.

Finally, in 2004, the Anarchs were ousted by invading Kuei-jin. The Camarilla moved in swiftly, although Tara, the former Baroness of San Diego, had relocated to Los Angeles and declared herself Prince. Shortly afterwards, she was betrayed by her own allies and went underground, allowing the Primogen to appoint Sebastian LaCroix Prince of the city. Despite the Camarilla's claim, violence escalated to open warfare between the Camarilla, the Sabbat, the Anarchs and the Kuei-jin. Much like during the Great Leap Outward, many lives were lost, ultimately resulting in each and every power base being destroyed, with the Kuei-Jin being forced out of Los Angeles entirely, the Sabbat being destroyed completely and the Anarchs and Camarilla grinding the war to a stalemate, although Maximilian Strauss was officially appointed Prince of Los Angeles.

Since then, Los Angeles has stayed relatively quiet. Anarch gangs rise and fall, baronies are formed and lost and the Kindred continue to struggle against one another in the City of Angels.

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Anarch Baronies Edit

  • Santa Monica - Controlled by Therese Voerman
  • Santa Ana - Controlled by Tara
  • Hollywood - Controlled by Isaac Abrams
  • Malibu - Controlled by Niles Thorn
  • Anaheim - Controlled by Jason Nazry

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