Although the invasion of Los Angeles met with terrible casualties from the clashes with Anarchforces already in control of the American West Coast of California, they managed to establish control in San Francisco and attain a pocket within the Los Angeles Chinatown district. Jeremy McNeil used propaganda and rants of political philosophy to rally their cause. Jeremy, Crispus Attucks, Louis Fortier and Salvador Garcia killed many Running Monkeys and Fortier is known to have wiped the Bone Polishing Faction and the Yellow Dragon Society. Then, anarch leader Salvador Garcia allied with the Court against the Sabbat.

On June 24 1998, Monkey Trip Wu bargained with Jeremy McNeil to form the Quicksilver Court and become Baron of Chinatown. The Mandarin Hao Wei Liang disappeared.

Soon after, the the Blood Courts of Hong Kon sent the Mandarin Jiejie Li to lead the New Promise Mandarinate.

The majority of the Court is dominated by the Blood Court, though influence from the Japanese Ujiand other Courts have started to seep in.

The remnants of the Anarch Free State try to fight the invaders, but the Free State is destroyed, and so the Kindred are forced to use guerrilla tactics against their new oppressors. The New Promise Mandarinate tries to unite them against the Sabbat and the Akuma.