• July, 2014: MALIBU - An unscheduled and unadvertised "zombie walk" occured in downtown LA and Malibu. Usually the province of student groups and fundraisers, this particular zombie walk involved incredibly realistic players driving through downtown in buses. They were then seen converging on Malibu. No confirmations have yet been made as to which group was behind this particular walk, and nothing has been seen of these "zombies" since.
  • July, 2014: LOS ANGELES - Three unidentified individuals in what appeared to be robotic suits of armor had a fight in downtown Los Angeles this evening. Police were called but the suspects fled the scene prior to their arrival. Police are still searching for these suspects.
  • July, 2014: ANAHEIM - A series of tunnels has recently been unearthed beneath Disneyland following recent renovations to sewer systems. The California Department of Transportation has issued a statement admitting to an abandoned subway system built during the Cold War Era, although they have no plans of using the tunnels in the future. Several corporations have expressed interest in acquiring the tunnels although they are currently going unused.
  • August, 2014: SANTA MONICA - Following on from our earlier report on zombie walks in downtown LA, another one has occurred tonight, this time in Santa Monica, beneath the iconic Pier. Once again no group has come forward to claim ownership of this particular walk, leaving authorities to sternly remind charity and student groups that permission must be obtained prior to hosting a gathering of this nature. We do speculate, however that given one of the mysterious flying suits of armour was seen in the vicinity, that there may be a new movie soon to be announced.