Nines Rodriguez is the Brujah leader of the weakened Anarch Movement in Los Angeles, and the presumed successor of former leader Jeremy MacNeil. He is based in The Last Round, in Downtown LA. Nines eschews titles as part of his populist rejection of the Camarilla and the old world-style politics it represents, but he's still functionally the head of the Anarchs.


Nines was alive during the Great Depression and, from then on, had developed a hatred for people in power, meaning the likes of Sebastian LaCroix. By 2003, the Anarch Movement's power in the free states had weakened considerably. Los Angeles had gained a prince, and the Kuei-jin Invasion was beginning. Barons such as Therese Voerman, Gloria Martinez, and Tara were favoring the Camarilla over California's Anarch position.

The major remaining loyal Anarchs in the city were Nines himself, Smiling Jack, Isaac Abrams, Skelter, Jeanette Voerman, and Damsel.


Nines is rebellious, but also compassionate. His mercy was such that he was willing to let three Sabbat vampires go without hurting them, killing one of them only in self-defense. Nines is someone the young Anarchs can look up to, but he does not consider himself to be the de facto leader, as he promotes equality of rights above all else.

Nines hates the Camarilla and especially Sebastian LaCroix, as he represents everything Nines hates: politics, underhanded tactics, and tyranny. He seems to hold grudges.


Nines is an extremely powerful vampire, possessing enough stamina to defeat a werewolf and escape with only a few injuries. He is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. Also, when the situation calls, he makes great use of his pistols, being able to kill a vampire with one gunshot.

Nines stated that when he was human, he came to California to escape the Dust Bowl. This would imply that he is originally either from Oklahoma or Texas.

At some point after the death of LaCroix and the ousting of Tara, his haven was burned to the ground by a gang of Anarchs called the MacNeils, named in honor of Jeremy MacNeil. They have since been destroyed.

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