The Sentinel copy
Mark II Notes
  • Added image inducer produced holograms.
  • Added electric bolts (used for stuns).
  • Added heating elements (to heat the surface of the armor).
  • Added a vapor ejector.
  • Added smoke bomb pellets.
  • Added a sound duplicator and a high frequency wave generator.

Mark III Notes:

  • Added solar power and integrated micro-circuitry.
  • A thermocouple was used to handle extreme temperature and convert it to usable power.

Mark IV Notes:

  • Sensors were upgraded with a full-band transceiver, infra-red, and a 'life detector' that was keyed to several important personnel, allowing them to interact with the suit.
  • Gyro-stabilizers were added in the boot jets.
  • An ECM jamming device was used to evade detection.
  • A voice distorter helped protect Thorn's identity.
  • A security chip was added to prevent the armor's technology from being duplicated.
  • AI upgraded to track up to 60 targets simultaneously.
  • A cybernetic probe could link to other systems.
  • A universal translator was added to boost communications.

Mark V Notes:

  • Explosive and tear gas pellets were stored in the left gauntlet.
  • Flame-retardant foam was stored in the right gauntlet.
  • Repulsor rays modified to include a wide-area "crowd control" mode.
  • Sensor upgrades included a Combex/Sonar system and seismographs.
  • Uses the latest ceramics and a Kevlar-like polymer weave to minimize weaknesses against magnets.
  • Added autopilot.

Mark VI Notes:

  • Plates on the knuckles could generate a powerful electric shock.
  • "Impact studs" can extend from the elbows.
  • A cloaking shield provides 75% concealment.
  • A new composite of carbon nanotubes and reinforced ceramics is used, skinned with the standard gold and titanium alloy.