Velvet velour by salamandra88-d8hgejp


Velvet Velour, also known as V.V. or Miss Velour, is a female Toreador who owns Vesuvius, a strip club in Hollywood. She is a young and beautiful woman with obvious charms. She operates her club Vesuvius in Hollywood as a "dancer". Velvet often uses her assets to manipulate others to carry out her bidding. Before her Embrace she was named Susan, however she doesn't like to dwell on her past, as she considers "that girl" dead. She is a known Anarch but only insofar as to support Isaac Abrams.


Like all Toreadors, V.V. is an artist, and connected with the human world and all its beauty. However it can be argued that others of her clan don't consider her dancing to be art, thus naming her a "poseur".

She is considered one of the nicest Kindred in Los Angeles - one has to purposely go out of their way to piss her off. She also is quite the pacifist despite her nature, as she hates acts of violence. She considers the Baron of Hollywood, Isaac Abrams, to be her adopted sire and the father she never had. She speaks poetically about him, and how she would "end it all" if anything were to happen to him. "But nothing ever will," she assures herself. She holds her adoptive sire in higher regards than his own childe, and her self proclaimed step sibling, Ash Rivers (who left Los Angeles over a decade ago).

Isaac considers her the most "alive" Kindred he has ever met. "She's still young, though - but nonetheless adept." He considers her his daughter/childe.


She was once overheard telling an unknown Kindred who had asked why she hides her real name, Susan: "I'm not hiding, I'm not that girl. She was flawed, she was naive, she was nobody and now she's dead. Let the dead rest in peace. My name is V.V. Show yourself out, I'd like to say a prayer for someone I used to know."