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Welcome to the West Coast Unbound WikiaEdit

An IRC-based game of Vampire: The Masquerade, set in Los Angeles, California, in the present day; using V20 rules with material from both second and revised editions (specifically, Los Angeles By Night) and other setting sources (such as Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines).


West Coast: Unbound!Edit

After the Anarch Revolt of 1944, led by Jeremy MacNeil, California was known as the Anarch Free State. Autarkis and Anarchs from all over the world flocked to the state, a bastion of hope and freedom. However, it was not to last - in 1999, the almost overwhelming Kuei-jin incursion began which established the New Promise Mandarinate and destroyed most of the Free State by turning the Anarchs against each other. That gave the Camarilla a brief opportunity to gain a foothold in Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs, resulting in the rise of Prince Sebastian LaCroix. Naturally, the Sabbat, drawn to the chaos, claimed a small foothold in the Downtown area, although their strength was not in their numbers but in their abilities. Of course, the Independents have always been drawn to the Anarch Free State, if only because they didn't have to compete with the other two predominant sects.

Then, in 2004, an unknown, newly created Fledgling Kindred arrived on the scene. Due to the machinations of Smiling Jack and what was eventually known as the Ankaran Plot, the Camarilla was crippled. The Tremere, Maximilian Strauss, took over as Prince of Los Angeles (albeit only in title) while the unknown Kindred, who was central to the Ankaran Plot, all but obliterated the Kuei-Jin in the Los Angeles area (especially in Chinatown) and sent the Sabbat underground after destroying not only a warehouse in Santa Monica but also wiping out a 'sect' of Plague-bearers in the Downtown area, before wandering off into obscurity.

SoCal Map

Los Angeles in 2014

That was over a decade ago. The Anarchs haven't been able to gain any new ground but neither has the Camarilla or Sabbat. With Santa Monica, Santa Ana, Hollywood, Anaheim, Long Beach and Malibu firmly under Anarch control, the Camarilla, entrenched fully in the Downtown area, has retained a small foothold against the Anarchs; while the Sabbat, deep underground, lurk in the eastern suburbs.

The West Coast is about to be unbound.
The Camarilla
The Sabbat
The Anarchs
The Independents

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